About us

Reck Brothers LLC is a family owned business, serving Eastern NV since 1981. We are one of Nevada’s leading General Engineering Contractors, specializing in Asphalt Paving. Our philosophy is hard work, quality performance and foresight, which resulted in the success of the company. We are a Civil Engineering General Contractor, and a producer of sand, gravel, asphalt, and other aggregate related building materials.


As a responsible member of the community, we observe fair employment practices, and contribute a portion of our resources and profit back to the community. We strive to conduct our business ethically, providing premium products, and superior service to Eastern Nevada’s rural communities. Coordination and cooperation with local agencies has always been a priority leading to successful “partnering” programs in the local community.


Reck Brothers LLC operates with a conservative eye on growth, taking great pride in a reputation for quality and value. Since our modest beginning in 1981 with one 6 yard dump truck and a backhoe, we have grown to perform a variety of construction projects, including infrastructure for the public, as well as those in the private sector. In an area of the state which has not experienced the explosive growth of northern and southern Nevada, the service needs of rural communities have been that of creative rehabilitation. Our project type and size is diverse. Repairs to existing infrastructure has been a mainstay of our business. As growth has spilled over into the rural areas, we have been fortunate to be involved in larger roadway reconstruction projects, sub contractors for major heavy highway projects, and contractors for major industrial companies.


Family owned business

As a family owned business, our family members and business managers include:

  • Terry James Reck – 6th Generation Native Nevadan
    Education: Bachelor of Science in Education, University of Nevada, Reno NV.


  • Randy Angelo Reck 6th Generation Native Nevadan
    Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nevada, Reno NV.


  • Janet Sue Reck
    Education: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno NV.


  • Tara Jayne Reck, Esq.
    Education: Juris Doctoral, Seattle University School of Law.